Praise the Lord! Summer is coming!

First, I’ll share the amazing news.  Not only is our shipment of used wheelchairs on its way soon as it has already been approved by the Ukrainian government, but now we received news that a family has donated funds for an entire shipment of 320 new wheelchairs that we will order from China. One should never underestimate the greatness of our Lord and the generosity of His people.  What an amazing blessing for our organization and the people of Ukraine.  Also, the Rotary Club is continuing to raise funds for a shipment of new wheelchairs as well.  God has opened the floodgates.  Our hope to be able to provide wheelchairs to the Eastern part of Ukraine to help those who have been wounded and injured is looking like it is becoming a reality.  Please continue to pray for Ukraine, for peace, especially as the summer approaches.


While the intensity of the fighting has lessened since the cease-fire agreement, there are still conflicts and shots fired every day and the threat of escalation in the East is real.  Even more so, there are huge economic problems for the people of Ukraine right now.  This was just in the BBC yesterday.

“The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that Ukraine’s economy will contract by a staggering 5.5% this year. Without more significant support from its allies in the US and Europe, Ukraine will struggle financially to take the fight to the rebels.

The economic picture is also bleak in rebel-held eastern Ukraine. Many young people have left the region, so the working-age population has shrunk. A disproportionate number of elderly people have not been receiving their pensions from Kiev.”

As their dollar drops in value and prices rise many of the families we work with are struggling on their fixed incomes.   We have begun purchasing $500 of food a month to give out to families in need.  We have been increasing our efforts to find sponsors willing to give $25-50 a month to help children with disabilities (Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Diabetes etc.)

Summer is coming and I’m excited for all that we have planned.  June 7th is our first camp for children with disabilities this summer.  We have an American team of 5 coming to run the camp.  My friend Nolan is coming to visit and will be there to help out as well.  The second camp will be June 29th until July 4th.  This camp will be run by me and my group of Ukrainian volunteers.  I’m very excited to see them in action again.



Finally, we have a third camp at the orphanage in Bila Tserkva, beginning July 6th and an American team helping out again..  Followed by our picnic for the disabled on July 15th.  I’m so excited about all these events.  Please be praying for our staff, for the American teams coming and for kids who will be coming to camp!  And continue to pray that the Lord will provide for our organization and we step out to help those struggling during this of conflict and despair.