Heading out…

This Thursday I’ll be flying home to the USA for a month, I’m excited about the opportunity to speak at churches, in Iowa, Chicago, North Dakota and California.  But at the same, time I’ve been really enjoying the ministry here in Ukraine.  The last few weeks have been fill with the following…

Wheelchair deliveries

Here are two ladies we delivered wheelchairs to along with hand made quilts from the USA we were able to give out.  Thank you to all the churches that have made and sent quilts and to those that have helped with our wheelchair shipments.  These gifts really bring hope to people living in these tough situations.  Again, our prayer is that through our rehabilitation program, prayer ministry, caregiver support ministry,  the gift of these wheelchairs are just the beginning of our relationships with these families.

Orphanage visits

We have three different orphanages in our city that I visit weekly to teach the Bible, sing songs, and play with the kids.


Tea Time, Prayer and Crafts and the Shans Rehabilitation Center

A birthday party

The birthday party for Anya Radchuk

Plus lots of other youth group meetings, trips to new churches, karaoke and much more.  Please be praying for my trip to the USA, for the ministry here in Ukraine, we are sending wheelchairs tomorrow to a new city Khmelnitski.  God bless all of you and thank you so much for your support!!


There has been a serious flu going around Ukraine, which has meant for the last month the orphanages have been on quarantine, which means I have not been able to go visit the children 😦  But finally, the quarantine on one of the orphanges was lifted last Tuesday and another one will open up again this Friday, which led to this!

I was so excited to be back, and I can’t wait to return to the Boy’s House Orphanage this Friday.  Ministering and providing for the orphans is at the heart of what we do at God’s Hidden Treasures.  Having the opportunity to visit three local orphanages every week is one of things I love the most about working as a missionary in Ukraine.

I love the children at these orphanges, and I know the staffs try very hard to take care of these children, but there are huge problems with the orphanage system in Ukraine, especially for children with special needs.  While Ukraine has two thirds the population of England it has ten times more kids in state care.  Many of these children will spend their entire lives in an institution.  Many orphans live in facilities that are understaffed, lack funds, and have dreadful conditions.  If you really want to understand the full extent of the problem of the Ukrainian orphanages, I suggest you take the time to watch this BBC documentary.  I know it is over an hour long, but even if you just have the chance to watch 15 or 20 minutes it really shows the deep problems that the orphans in this country face, such as one orphanage having only a dentist to provide medical expertise for children with special needs and severe medical problems.  You will also see orphans with capable minds who could live on their own and contribute to society but instead are sentenced to a life of hard manual labor, and forcibly medicated when they act out.


If you watched that video, I know it is heart breaking.  Perhaps it even leaves you asking “what can I do?” First, you can pray for God’s Hidden Treasures, for Nita Hanson, myself  and our staff as we reach out to the orphans in Ukraine.

Second, you can consider coming to Ukraine yourself to work with orphans and children with special needs.  Both The Sending Place and IMPACT offer short term mission trips to Ukraine.

Third, you can support God’s Hidden Treasures financially, we provide monthly support for various orphanages around our region.   You can send a check to

God’s Hidden Treasures

Nita Hanson

Attention – Vicki

3321 SW 39th St.

Ocala, FL 34474

Also, every year I need to raise the funds to live here in Ukraine and minister to orphans and children with special needs.  I am in need of more supporters.  If you would like to become a monthly supporter for me as a missionary, or make a one time donation, you can send a check to the address above with Pastoral Ministry written in the memo.

God bless you and continue to pray for Ukraine,

Scott Yount