Ukraine’s Success

Here is an article from the BBC about the success of Ukraine at the Paralympics in Rio.  Many children and young adults we work with are very involved in athletics and I know they find inspiration in these Ukrainian athletes and their success.  While the articles is mostly positive, they do point out that for many people with disabilities, sports is all they have as a means of income, because of how difficult it is to find work as a person with a disability.  You can read the article here…

Super Summer Summary

Who doesn’t love alliteration?  This Super Summer Summary by Scott starts after  two weeks in China visiting my brother, my sister in law Tracy, my nephew Troy and their family in Hong Kong.  I had a fantastic time with them and I’m happy to be back in Ukraine.  I look forward to all God has in store for us this fall.   I thought it would be a good time to recap all the amazing things that happened this summer.

The summer began with my third trip to the East of Ukraine, delivering wheelchairs with Tanya, Ruslan and Alexei, three of our staff members from God’s Hidden Treasures.  We delivered around 30 wheelchairs in 3 different cities.  We have already sent a second shipment of around 40 more wheelchairs back in July and we are planning to return in November to train even more congregations to do wheelchair ministry in the East of Ukraine.  We are very excited about working to get wheelchairs into the occupied territories in Eastern Ukraine.  Here are some photos of the distribution.

After this trip we had our first camp for children with disabilities.  We had an fantastic team from the Sending Place who funded this camp and did an amazing job sharing the love of Jesus Christ with these kids.  25 kids and 25 parents attended.  This was a very experienced team with 5 members who had already been here in Ukraine and two first-timers.  I knew most of these team members so well it was like seeing family.  They were such an encouragement to me, our staff and all the kids and families.

Next we had an Impact team from Southern California.  They helped run the VBS at the local orphanage for Boy’s with disabilities, as well as helped out at our picnic for the disabled.  I had a chance to spend a lot of time with this team and they brought joy and smiles everywhere they went.

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Even after they left they still managed to find ways to make me smile.  I found this on my desk and didn’t discover the back page for a few weeks ))

To top of this incredible summer, we hosted another camp for children with disabilities.  This camp was run by a mixed team of Ukrainian and American volunteers.  Pastor Len Brokenshire, one of my mentors and best friends came with his daughter Rachel. With them were two more of my favorite people on this planet, two young college students from my youth group back in Iowa, Ellie and Jared!  I was so glad to see all of them again and they demonstrated Christ’s love to all the young adults at our second camp.

On top you’ll see the four Americans and on bottom you’ll see all our volunteers together.  Again we had 25 campers and 25 parents.  The director of this camp facility was so touched by our two camps for the disabled that she called the government about hosting their own camp for disabled refugees from the East of Ukraine.  This is another wonderful example of how God is using the ministry of God’s Hidden Treasures to convict the hearts of the people of Ukraine and give them a desire to help those with special needs.

These are just a glimpse of some major events that happened, the three camps, the picnic for the disabled, and our delivery of wheelchairs to the East.  On top of this, is the ministry that happens each and every day at God’s Hidden Treasures.  There’s no room to post photos of the countless people that receive wheelchairs and mobility aids, food packets, clothing, visits from our staff, prayer ministry, stroke rehabilitation, support groups hosted at our office, and so much more that our staff does each and every day.  They are the best, and I’m glad the Lord has brought every one of them to our office.

I look forward to sharing with you in the coming months of what God is doing this Fall.  Thank you and God bless.