Video Update on our trip to the East!

We have a quick update and a video interview about our trip to Kramatorsk, Ukraine to share with you.  The ladies took the train while the guys were in the van, we arrived safely to Kramatrosk and were very thankful for all your prayers.


From left to right starting with the top photo we have, Nita, Tanya and Marina, and then in the bottom photo Scott, Sergei and Alexei.

Our team did a wonderful job putting on this seminar teaching how to do wheelchair ministry in the East of Ukraine.


Six pastors came from the Eastern region including one from the Separatist controlled region.  They were joined by other church volunteers.   We were happy to have so many who could be with us.

Nita did a fantastic job sharing her passion for ministry and the importance of developing long term relationship and reaching people for Christ.  God did some amazing things on this trip and is really preparing God’s Hidden Treasures for something big.  We are so excited to share with you about this, Nita and I did a video update together to let you know about God’s big plans.


Thank you for all your prayers.  If you would like to support God’s Hidden Treasures be sure to visit our website.  Also, you can like our Facebook page

God bless,

Nita and Scott


2 thoughts on “Video Update on our trip to the East!

  1. Thank you Scott and Nita!!
    I finally was able to see and hear your video of your trip! It is hard to listen without tears of joy for the many ways God is blessing your ministry through people and uncertain places. In the beautiful way God is answering your prayers in His timely fashion.

    I praise and thank our Lord and Savior that you are able to reach many with God’s love with physical and spiritual encouragement. There is always hope in Jesus!!

    Thank you and bless you for answering God’s call to minister to a hurting people who desperately need to hear His word and receive His blessing of love, hope and help!

    Your friend in Christ,
    Kathy Buhr


  2. I love seeing the pictures of all of you, Tanya, Marina, Alexi, Nita, Sergey and Scott! The video is a great reminder of how God is using your faith and obedience, even in such a stretch as this one. So happy to hear this news and now we are praying God’s provision of more wheel chairs and of the folks in the new community to find good networks for production and delivery. They have great mentors! Good job, Scott!


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