God’s Hidden Treasures Camp 2017


This summer a team of 8 Californians came to us through The Sending Place mission organization to run a camp for children with disabilities.  We had a fantastic team who were true servants, completely focused on loving these kids with all their hearts this week.

(Left photo, from left to right, we have Rylie, Cindy, Phyllis, Marjorie, Erik, Kim, Grace and Janet)

This was our 14th year of hosting  summer camps and yet this year was truly a unique situation.  For the first time we invited campers from the war-torn East of Ukraine to join us.  It was an amazing outreach to these children and their families who came with them. When they arrived, fresh off of a 15 hour train ride, I witnessed something incredible.   A young girl Anya from the east got out of the van, went right to another girl from Bila Tserkva, who was new this year to camp, introduced herself, and became instant inseparable best friends.   It was so fun to watch these two together all week helping each other wherever they went.


Anya and Lena, instant best friends!!

To add to the uniqueness of this year, we also invited three young sisters from one of the local orphanages Valoshka.  They came from a broken home but were able to become part of a new family this week.  The whole camp of moms were watching out for them and helping their grandmother take care of them.

Phyllis handing out the awards to the three sisters.

God worked powerfully in the lives of these families through this Sending Pace team.  The kids learned about the love of Christ, and how God can carry us through any storm in life.  The week involved daily Bible studies, crafts, worship songs and much more.  Every night the kids had an opportunity to share their talent with the group.  The last talent show of the week was the moms singing songs thanking the American team and the GHT staff for the camp.

While the team has made it home safely back to the USA, we look forward to continuing our ministry to these children.  They are all invited to our annual picnic, and they have been told about our plans to begin church services for people with disabilities at the local CP Center.  Thank you so much for all your prayers for our camp.  One of our campers from the East, Nikita will be having an operation on his leg around the 5th of July, so please keep him in your prayers.


Nikita working on his craft with Epic, oh wait, I mean Erik.


God bless and thank you for your prayers

God’s Hidden Treasures

Urgent Prayer Request

Nita’s grandson Jacob died in a car accident yesterday.  He was 26 years old.

jacob and mandy 2017

Nita just arrived here in Ukraine on Monday and was completely brokenhearted when she heard the news.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.  Pray for comfort and peace for the family in this difficult time.  Pray for wisdom for her as she considers arrangements to attend the funeral.  The whole office was there for her today giving hugs and listening to Nita tell stories about her grandson.  Thank you everyone for your prayers, and your love for Nita.

Below is another photo and words from Nita about her grandson.



Jacob with his nephew.

“Jacob was 26, a young man with the kindest, most generous and loving heart I have ever known.  He cared nothing about material possessions and everything he got, he always ended up giving to someone who he felt needed it more.  A loss for our family and everyone who knew him.  He was part of my heart.”
Blessings, Nita



So it begins!!!

This Friday we head to camp!  Sunday the kids arrive and the crazy summer of 17 gets started.  This summer we have two camps, a VBS at the Boy’s Orphanage, our summer picnic for the disabled, and lots of important work on designing a wheelchair for Ukraine.  I’m very excited, and can’t wait to get started this weekend.  If you want to know what our camp is all about, watch our video!

I’m always excited for the Sending Place team to come and this year is no different.  We have an amazing team heading this way.

sending place

From left to right we have Riley, Cindy, Phyllis, Marjorie, Erik, Kim, Grace and Janet.  Some have been many times to Ukraine and for some this will be their first mission trip. Please pray for the team as they travel this Thursday.

Nita just arrived in Ukraine yesterday for the summer.  She is very excited about all God has planned this summer.  Please keep our camp in your prayers this weekend and next week.  This camp will be very special, we invited 5 children and their moms from the East of Ukraine, where the war is taking place.  We also have many young kids coming for the first time.  One of the orphanages we have worked with for the last 20 years closed down this summer, and we have invited 3 young sisters from that orphanage to come to camp.  Check out some photos from past camps, and keep us in your prayers.  God bless,

Pastor Scott