Weekly Ministry

It is always exciting to share the big things God is doing, the doors he is opening, and how he accomplishes what we could have never hoped or imagined.  Nita and I spent August sharing all about “the big three”, our plan for a village for orphans, manufacturing wheelchairs for children, and planting a church for the disabled.  But today I just want to share about the stuff that is happening every day with God’s Hidden Treasures.

First, there are orphanage visits.  Whether it is the Baby House, Voloshka, or the Boy’s House, it is amazing to visit these kids, teach the Bible, sing songs, play games, or just simply hold them.  Marina, Olga, Luba, Tonya and me all make visits to these orphanages.

Along with our orphan ministry, our wheelchair delivery team visits homes every week to give out free mobility aids.  Tuesday, we visited a home of a man who had a stroke two months ago.  We walk into the apartment and found the man lying on the floor, on a blanket, no mattress, his wife says he spends most of the day on the floor because he kept falling off the couch and hurting himself.  He has been home for over a month and has not been doing any sort of rehabilitation.  We signed him up for our free stroke rehabilitation program, so now Dr. Tamara will visit him regularly and help teach him exercises so he can begin to retrain his paralyzed muscles.  When we gave him the wheelchair, and helped get him into it, his face lit up, he was so happy to be mobile and just be off the floor.  This was just one of five visits our wheelchair team made on just that Tuesday.  They are out at least 3 days a week visiting multiple homes.

This is just a small picture of the ministry happening every day, because it doesn’t even include, Tonya and the prayer team who go out visiting homes every week, Luba and her visitation to shut-ins, and so much more that is happening.  I am so amazed by the wonderful team of Ukrainians God has blessed us with, and ask for your prayers, for every one of our staff members, and the ministry they are doing every day.

God bless,

Scott Yount