Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Christmas is always a special time here at God’s Hidden Treasures.  We take on the big endeavor of visiting every person new to our organization that year.  All year we have been giving out wheelchairs and mobility aids. Our doctor and nurse have been visiting new stroke patients.  We have new families who have come to our summer camps.   Well now we have a chance to see them again while bringing some joy into their homes for Christmas.  We visit over 200 families during this time of year.  I had the pleasure of being Father Frost on Tuesday December 26th, and we visited 20 homes that day.


On these visits, Father Frost and his grandaughter, Snegurochka (the Snowmaiden) enter the home with a bag of gifts.  We greet them with a song or a Christmas verse.  Then we tell them they have to work for their gifts.  If they want their present they have to sing a Christmas song or recite a verse from a Christmas poem.  This is a Ukrainian tradition, most children have memorized verses to recite for the holiday.  If they can’t remember any, we just invite them to sing along with us.

Many of the visits are times of great joy, with lots of smiles and laughs. Other visits can be very hard, we have many people living in very difficult situations with no family to help them.  We have to wait for neighbors to come to open up their apartment and let us in, because they can’t get out of bed themselves.  These people love the opportunity to talk with someone.

IMG_20171228_131025 It takes our staff as wells as many volunteers to make these visits happen.  Above is Valeera one of our staff members and Nastya one of our volunteers getting ready to go out to make visits.

We also visited the Boy’s House Orphanage in Bila Tserkva.  Here we sang songs, and enjoyed sharing the Christmas story along with crafts of Jesus’ birth.  We look forward to a trip with the kids from the orphanage to Kiev early next month after Christmas in Ukraine (January 7th)


We at God’s Hidden Treasures want to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We thank you for all your prayers and support.  Please be praying for Nita as she begins a speaking tour in California in January, as well as for all the remaining people we will be visiting this week.

God bless,

God’s Hidden Treasures


Yesterday, we took children with special needs from Bila Tserkva to Kidlandia in Kiev.  It is a small town for children where they can try their hand at different professions in the city.  Our kids were firefighters, police officers, dentists, pizza chefs and many other professions for one day.


The kids had a wonderful time going around the city and trying many different jobs while earning Kidlandia dollars which they could spend at the Kidlandia Toy Store.  Even better, a parent came with each kid and got to enjoy watching their children enjoy the town.

We would like to thank the Friends From Norway charity who helped sponsor this Christmas trip for the children.  We look forward to another trip in January with the children from the Boy’s Orphanage.  We also would like to thank McDonald’s who gave free Happy Meals to all the kids that were thoroughly enjoyed on the bus ride home.


The man on the right side with the grey briefcase in his hand is Valeera Guk.  He is  is our newest staff member, he helped lead the excursion and along with the other volunteers helped get the kids in and out of the bus.   Many of you already know his wife Marina, who has been working for us for many years.

This is a busy time of year for God’s Hidden Treasures, we have begun our Father Frost annual Christmas visits to each new family.  I look forward to sharing the photos with you on our next blog post.

God bless and Merry Christmas to all,

God’s Hidden Treasures