Summer News!


What a summer!  It’s only early July and so much has already happened.  Summers are always jammed packed with ministry here at God’s Hidden Treasures but this summer has been something special.


At the beginning of June we were blessed to have Dr. Jim Witty, come to Ukraine to teach a seminar on helping people who’ve experienced psychological trauma.  Jim founded Care Corps. International and has traveled to many countries in the midst of war and conflict to teach local religious leaders how to minister and help people with PTSD.


Dr. Witty was accompanied by Dr. Ted Hole and Doug Bradley.  They taught two seminars.  One in our city Bila Tserkva and one in the city of Kramatorsk in Eastern Ukraine.  Our staff, local pastors, psychologists, and other lay people involved with care ministry attended the conference.  They were blessed with Biblical teaching on the ministry of presence, and how to care for people with Christ’s love.  We look forward to working with Dr. Witty and Care Corps. Int. again in the future.


In the middle of June a team from The Sending Place in Northern California arrived for our first summer camp for children with special needs.  We had an amazing team of 9 people who gave their whole hearts to the children of Ukraine for the week long camp.  God worked powerfully through the testimonies of this team, sharing how God was faithful even in very difficult times.  Every child and mom learned about Christ’s love for them.


On the final night of camp Nita shared a message that God knows and loves each an every one of us.  Every camper received a medal and each mom received a certificate from their child.  As always, it was a very heartwarming and emotional night.  The kids and moms will never forget this team.


At the start of July we had another wonderful team of seven people from IMPACT  arrive for out VBS at the Boy’s House orphanage.  The boys enjoyed a week of Bible studies, worship songs, games, crafts and so much more.  Each child heard about Christ’s love for them.  Each member of this team used their own unique gifts to love and minister to these boys.  It was so neat to see how much they connected with these youth, at the end of the week nobody wanted to leave.


In the morning they ministered to the boys and in the afternoon they spent their time ministering to people in their homes with our wheelchair, stroke rehabilitation and vistitation ministries.  This team from Impact has been a tremendous blessing.

Summer is far from over.  We still have another team coming this week for our second camp.  Our picnic is Wednesday July 11th.  We need your prayers!  Rain has been forecast for Wednesday.  Please pray that God would hold the rain off and that everyone would have a beautiful day to enjoy in the park.

We thank you so much for your prayers.

God bless,

God’s Hidden Treasures!