Fall Fun!

One of the reasons we personally deliver wheelchairs to peoples’ homes, is so we can see their living situations and needs.  If family or friends came to pick up the wheelchairs for them, we might never get to meet and develop a relationship with those we want to help and we wouldn’t know what’s going on in the home, or how we can help.  Sometimes we encounter needs so great, we pray, ‘Lord what can we do to help here.’  Last winter Tonya visited a home to pray for a lady who lives alone, no family or friends to help.  She walks around with a walker, and her home had severe needs.  The walls were falling apart and so thin, it was freezing in winter.  She can’t afford the electricity to run an electric heater.  We prayed about what we can do, we visited this home with one of the American teams who came this summer and we put together a plan.


This fall, after our crazy busy summer, our staff and some workers put up ply board to strengthen her walls, as well as painted to make it look much nicer.  We even had some money leftover so they redid the window frames as well.  After they finished, you can see the difference!


Her house looks much better now and we know it will be a huge blessing for her this winter.  We are so thankful for those who gave donations so we can help in a situation like this.  Also we are thankful for staff members like Tonya, Valeriy and Alexei who are so wonderful at projects like this.

This fall we are busy delivering wheelchairs. vising stroke patients, and doing prayer ministry.  We are visiting the orphanages again after summer break,  and we continue to worship together at the Church of Hope.


Here are some photos from the Valoshka orphanage, you can try to guess who has more fun, Scott or the kids.


This week Nita had a chance to visit with students at the University of Akron who are currently working on improving the stroller wheelchairs used by parents here in Ukraine.  .


Please keep this team in your prayers, we’re very excited about what they’re working on.  In other exciting news, our chef Olga gave birth to a healthy baby boy in August and Alyona Leonov (Stuzhnaya), one of our volunteers and former campers gave birth to a healthy baby girl!  Praise the Lord!  Thank you for all your prayers and support.

God bless,

God’s Hidden Treasures