Christmas and New Year Celebrations!


During the Christmas season in Ukraine we had the opportunity to visit around 300 homes bringing gifts and joy to families who received wheelchairs and mobility aids from us this year.  As always, we had many volunteers who dressed up as Father Frost and his grandaughter the Snowmaiden.

Below you can watch a video of what our visits look like, with our most experienced Father Frost, Pastor Kostya.


Christmas visits weren’t the only fun and joy we brought this winter.  We were blessed with the opporunity to take two Christmas trips to Kyiv with kids from the oprhanges, school for the deaf, and children from the Cerebral Palsy Center along with other kids with special needs.


Our first trip was to the Aquapark in Kyiv.  Valeriy from our office took a group of boys from the orphanage and girls from the school for the deaf to this awesome waterpark as well as McDonalds in Kyiv.  Everyone had a blast!

Our second excursion was for younger children with special needs who are too young to attend our Night to Shine Ball next month.  We took a group of children to a chocolate store where they enjoyed a master class in chocolate making, followed by a trip to Sofisky Square, where Kyiv’s Christmas Tree is located, and of course, no trip to Kyiv is complete without a visit to McDonalds.


Now if it were up to me, the kids would have made the chocolate, and I would get to be the judge who eats it all and declares a winner!  But each kid was able to make many different kinds of chocolate treats and got to take it all home!

Kyiv is a beautiful city, with so much history.  The church square we visited was that of Sophia’s Cathedral, which was founded in 1011AD.

The kids really enjoyed the view as well as a trip to McDonalds afterward.

Christmas is always an amazing time of ministry and outhreach for us at God’s Hidden Treasures.  While we love these special events, we also continue to deliver wheelchairs, visit stroke patients, hold our church services, and all the other year-round ministries of GHT.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  As always, if you’re interested in supporting GHT, you can find more information here.


God bless,

Pastor Scott and GHT!

One thought on “Christmas and New Year Celebrations!

  1. Wonderful ministry and wonderful pictures. May God continue to bless you abundantly!


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