Night to Shine 2020


On February 8th we hosted our third Night to Shine prom for people with special needs.  It was an amazing time where guests experienced an unforgettable night with limo rides, paparazzi, red carpet, food, dancing and more.  Just take a look at all of the fun.

Our guests enjoyed showing off their amazing talents!  We enjoyed hearing poetry, listening to different singers, and watching some awesome dance routines.

As always, the highlight of the night, was when every guest was named the king or queen of the ball, because that’s how God’s sees them each and every day.

As always, I share two or three stories with the Tim Tebow Foundation from different guests, parents and volunteers.  I thought I would share just a few of these with you.

Here is a heartwarming story from one our our Night to Shine volunteers.
Alyona Leonova is an amazing young woman, she has helped raise her two younger brothers after her mother passed away.  In 2018, she got married, her and her husband have a 15 month old daughter.  She helped recruit so many volunteers for our event.  She has cerebral palsy, but chose to be a buddy.  This is what she wrote about her experience.
“I was so lucky to be a volunteer for Night to Shine for the third time.  Of course, I’m not your average volunteer, because I myself use a wheelchair.  Those who don’t know me, say “she needs a volunteer herself.”  But for some trying to communicate with people with special needs can be intimidating, but it doesn’t scare me.  If I can do something good to help these special guests, I will.  If it means getting my whole family involved, inviting all my friends, acquaintances, or any person who cares to be a volunteer, I will do it with joy.
When you see how the eyes of these special guests shine joyfully like little children, when you dance with them, take selfies with them, your heart fills with love and you feel this unbelievable energy, like the Lord is giving His strength and Spirit  to everyone in the room. I wish there were more nights like this during the year.  I wish there were more events like this around the world.  I would want to volunteer at all of them, year after year.”


This was written by Larissa, whose daughter Ira came to our Night to Shine for a second time.
“I’m so amazed how special my daughter was treated at this fairtytail ball.  It was fairytail we never wanted to end.  Last year, we came from far away to attend this dance. We did not know anybody.  I was so blessed to meet such wonderful people, now I have a whole new Night to Shine Family we look forward to seeing all year long.
What an amazing group of volunteers who clapped for our children like they were their favorite Hollywood stars.  The limo ride, red carpet, food and photo zone are things my daughter will never forget.  I’m thankful as a mom, that you gave us the opportunity to have some rest, and to look on our happy, beautiful children, whose eyes were shining with joy with smiles that wouln’t leave their faces.”

Night to Shine has been an incredible event that has brought joy and hope to many across the US, Ukraine and many different countries.  We are excited to be a part of this movement.  Please keep God’s Hidden Treasures in your prayers, as well as all our guests who came.  Thank you and God bless,

God’s Hidden Treasures