God’s Hidden Treasures Camp 2020

It finally happened! Just when it looked like we would not be able have any camps this year because of the coronavirus, God opened a window of opportunity for us to make it happen. The government reopened childrens camp in August and the rush was on to get a team of volunteers together and an amazing group of campers. Even better, we were the only group at the camp so we had the whole place to ourselves.

Things were a little different this year. We all had our temperatures measured before each meal, the pool and river were closed, no ice cream store, and yet we seemed to have more fun than ever.

Every morning we began our day with breakfast together, followed by morning worship, Bible study and crafts. After lunch we would play games, the moms would have tea and the kids would put on a talent show followed by a Bible skit for the moms.

After dinner we would have our evening worship, with Bible stories focused around our theme of redemption. I was lucky to have the chance to be in Bible study with Luba and our moms and dads who really loved hearing about God’s redemption. During the discussion it was asked, what happens if I feel like God can’t love me? We just happened to be talking that day about the Apostle Paul, who was on his way to arrest and persecute Christians when Jesus appeared to him and changed his life. If God could love and redeem Paul, if there is a place in his kingdom for an adulterer and murderer like King David, a denier and deserter like Peter, there is a place in His kingdom for you. No matter how unloveable we might feel, through faith in Jesus we are redeemed and become children of God and Christ’s righteousness becomes our own. This message was heard by each and every one of our campers, who learned just how deep and wide is the unending love of Jesus Christ.

Our volunteers!

This camp would not have been possible without this amazing group of volunteers, who poured out all the love in their hearts on these amazing campers. But this year we had three new volunteers.

Anton, Vova and Yura are three young men from the Boy’s House orpahnage in Bila Tserkva. They have been apart of our yearly summer VBS at the orphanage, and we see them every Friday as we visit the Boy’s House. But this was the first time they’ve joined us at camp. They were so excited that they were able to come, not as campers, but volunteers. They were so happy to help with all the crafts and Bible stories. They loved sharing their talent with all the moms and campers.

The highlight of camp was getting to sit next to these guys at every meal, listening to them tell us how thankful they were to be here and the fact that they got to come by themselves! They said at every meal that is was like they were in a restaurant. The three of them shed so many tears the final night at our campfire, they were so thankful to have so many new friends.

God is so faithful, we were blessed to be able to do this camp, I know it meant so much to every camper and parent who came. We praise God that we had good health all week long. We want to thank you for all of your prayers for this camp, and for our ministry to people in need, during this pandemic. God bless you.

The GHT team!

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