Picnic Home Visits

God’s Hidden Treasures has been hosting an annual summer picnic for people with disabilities for many years. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic we were not able to do a picnic this year. So we decided to bring the picnic to the people. We put togehter gift packets with food, fresh fruit, treats and other goodies to bring to every new family that has received a mobility aid from God’s Hidden Treasures this past year. Also, we delivered a special GHT letter to all of our families. That’s over a thousand letters delivered! We were thanksful to have many wonderful volunteers to help deliver those letters. Nita and our GHT staff personally delievered all the gift packets!

We were sure to wear masks and take all possible precautions and people were overjoyed to have visitors come into their homes bringing gifts. We praise God that we were able to be an encouragement to so many and while we all couldn’t gather together in one place, we were happy that we could do small gatherings at home.

Sometimes the smallest actions can make the biggest differences. We are so thankful for your actions to help support God’s Hidden Treasures so we can make a difference in the lives of people during this pandemic. Your prayers, your gifts, your encouragment makes a big difference to us. Thank you and God bless,

God’s Hidden Treasures


2 thoughts on “Picnic Home Visits

  1. So thankful for your opportunity to share Christ’s love with people who must be even more lonely during this pandemic. May those who receive and those who give all be filled with joy.


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