20 Years!

Our God’s Hidden Treasures’ office picnic this year was extra special. Even though we had it at the end of October as opposed to the end of July like usual because of the pandemic, it didn’t matter, because we had something amazing to celebrate. It is the 20 year anniversary of taking Yura, Zhenya and Ruslan from the Boy’s House orphanage to their new home. 20 years ago Nita got permission to take them, a couple in the US made a donation to buy them a small house out in the village, and Nita found Ukrainian host parents for them. As far as we know this was the first time this was ever done in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government had labeled these boys “imbeciles” but Nita knew better. For 20 years these guys have repaired hundreds of wheelchairs, worked on repairs and remodeling in our office, and haved proved countless times the government got their diagnosis wrong. They are now self sufficient, doing their own budgets, taking care of their own house and two of them are now married with children. Nita got to stand up as their mom in the wedding.

Working with these guys every day is a constant reminder of how God can transform lives when his disciples are simply willing to listen and go where God sends them. I can’t imagine what their lives would look like had they been sent away to the adult institution like so many other orphans at that time in Ukraine. This is why we continue to reach out and minister to children at the orphanages. Whatever label the government might give them, God has labeled them children of God, and we want to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ with them.

God’s Hidden Treasures is blessed with an amazing staff. Each one has been gifted in different ways by our Lord, and it is a joy to see them use those gifts to help the forgotten people of Ukraine. We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together at a local restaurant celebrating this special ocasion.

Please keep our staff in your prayers as we continue to reach out to people in need during this pandemic. If daily infection rates reach 9,500 people per day, the President of Ukraine has warned there will be more lockdowns. The lockdowns are very hard on many people, including those that live in the villages who become completely isolated. We thank you for your prayers and support.

God bless,

God’s Hidden Treasures


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