300 New Wheelchairs Have Arrived


     Praise the Lord and thank you for all your prayers.  Today, we received the shipment of new wheelchairs we ordered from China.  300 new wheelchairs and 60 walkers (not the Walking Dead kind).  We are so thankful that everything was resolved for now with customs and we are very excited to begin distributing these to people around Ukraine.  We are talking to people and churches in the East of Ukraine near the war zone about how we can partner with them to distribute wheelchairs there.  Please be praying for our organization and that God would provide a way for us to get wheelchairs into the conflict area to the people who desperately need them.


Other news, Nita Hanson will be arriving this week and one of our staff members Vadim will be getting married on Saturday! We are very excited for him.  Soon, we hope to begin providing some profiles of children with disabilities on our website and Facebook page, so people can sponsor them.  Thank you everyone for all your support.

Every week we continue to bring wheelchairs, walkers and canes to people all over the city.  Last week I visited Vova, a 19 year old who was shot in the leg in late August.  He is very lucky to be alive and very thankful to God that he lived.  We gave him a wheelchair, prayed for him and his recovery and talked to him about the even greater gift of eternal life that God offers through faith in Jesus Christ.  Please continue to pray for God’s Hidden Treasures

God bless,