Mobile Medical Clinic


On Tuesday, God’s Hidden Treasures hosted a mobile medical clinic in the local village of Cherkas.  Our Doctor Tamara and Nurse Olya visited with many local patients who came in for free checkups.  For many of the elderly in the villages, it is very hard to get to the city to see a doctor.  Having the opportunity to be examined, receive basic medical care, and get basic prescriptions is a huge blessing for people living in the village.  Olga and Tamara both helped instruct many diabetics on properly checking their blood sugars, using their insulin and managing their diets.  They also instruct the village social worker on how to use glucometers and help patients with diabetes.


God’s Hidden Treasures hosts one or two mobile medical clinics every month in different villages around Bila Tserkva.  Along with our medical staff, Tonya and Liliya also came to pray with patients who were interested, and offer free Bibles and children’s Bibles for people to take.  Both of these ladies have huge hearts and do a fantastic job ministering to  people who’ve dealt with many hurts in their life.  God works powerfully through this ministry in the village.


At the same time as the mobile medical clinic, our van drove around for two wheelchair distributions in the village, and our newest staff member Valeeriy, visited 3 homes to pray and encourage people who have received mobile aids from us in the past.  Our hope is to stay involved in the lives of every patient we help.  Many of those who attended the mobile medical clinic had come the last time we were in this village.  I heard many people thanking Dr. Tamara and Nurse Olya, and how much they were helped by their last visit.  Ministry like this is happening year round at God’s Hidden Treasures.  Please keep all of our staff and the people they minister to in your prayers.

Currently we have a very urgent prayer request.  Our staff member Ruslan,  who is one of our wheelchair mechanics and one of the three boys Nita adopted from the Boy’s House Orphange, his son Roma has been and in the hospital in Kiev for over two weeks.  He has some internal bleeding, but the doctors still have not found out what is the cause.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors that they would be able to find out what the problem is and find a treatment.  It has been very hard on Ruslan, as his son and wife have been at the hospital in Kiev for over 2 weeks.  Please pray for Roma, who has been in a lot of discomfort with weeks of IV’s and different treatments.  Pray for the mother Olya, who has been having to live in the hospital for over two weeks now.  We will send out more information once we know more from the doctors.  Thank you all so much for your prayers and support.  Here are some photos of Roma.


God bless,

God’s Hidden Treasures.