The Village: A Dream 21 Years in the Making

This has been a historic week for God’s Hidden Treasures and here’s why!

21 years ago God gave Nita Hanson a dream to build a village for orphans in Ukraine.





Over the years she has built strong relationships with local mayors, pastors, the orphanage directors and even signed a 50 year lease on land to build the village. However, the time to begin building never came. Over the last 21 years our wheelchair ministry has grown from 3 wheelchairs brought in on a Delta flight to large containers bringing 300-500 wheelchairs ever year.  Each one is personally delivered and fitted to the recipient, offered with a Bible and prayer.  So many of our most meaningful relationships began with a mobility aid personally given.

While this ministry and others multiplied and thrived, the village dream had been simmering for over 20 years until God’s timing was right. Little did we know just how much God was working behind the scenes preparing a very important meeting last week. Last year, Kurt and Cindy Petrich who are planning on coming to Ukraine as full time missionaries were introduced by a friend of Nita’s to the personal adviser of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.  The advisor, Nickolai Kubela has been charged with reforming the orphanage system in Ukraine.


This led to a meeting in Kiev last month with Nita, Kurt, Cindy, and Nickolai.  Nickolai shared his vision for orphanage reform in Ukraine and Nita shared the dream of the village.  The adviser was intrigued by Nita’s dream, but was leaning toward a similar plan of his own.


The first meeting (left to right, Kurt, Nikolai, Cindy, Nita)

 Nikolai asked for another meeting, and asked if Nita could gather some Pastors from the Bila Tserkva area and some local mayors, to discuss the idea of reform a little further.  Nita in just a week was able to gather, the mayor of Fursy, the Kiev Region, three orphanage directors and two pastors.

This time the meeting was held at the President Poroshenko’s Office building.  The adviser again shared his vision and plan for the orphanages, point by point.  But during the meeting, the mayors and orphanage directors all shared about the dream for the village, and how Nita has been in Ukraine so long helping people, and she keeps her promises, Nita really didn’t need to open her mouth to share about her dream for the village.  Nita showed that in our region, all the pieces are already in place, to do something about the orphans in our region.  The local government, churches, orphanage directors, are all willing to do something.  Nita wants this village to be an example, that all other regions in Ukraine can follow, getting orphans into small homes, with adopted parents who have been educated in how to care for children with special needs.

Kiev meeting 2

Meeting #2

Well, a week after the meeting, Nita received this email from Nikolai, the President’s adviser in Kiev.

“Hi, dear friends, Nita, Kurt and Cyndi,


Thank you so much for the wonderful time we have spent together. We (in Kiev) are ready to go forward together with you. Think please about the pilot project being in the region you take care of.  At the meetings, we realized that there is an amazing potential in your region and that all resources are already in place, i.e., your organization, the churches and the authorities are ready for these changes.

Meanwhile any project should be started with the assessment of the communities, children and family’s critical needs. Together we can define the priorities for your region, take the first steps in reforming the child care system and create a successful model for the rest of regions all over the Ukraine.”


Nita’s own words

“To say this is amazing doesn’t come near to telling the immensity of all of this.  To think that God’s Hidden Treasures is going to be used as the pilot project for Ukraine’s reform of the orphan system is beyond my capability to comprehend.  God has been orchestrating all of this these past 21 years since He gave me the dream to build a Village.  And He has steadfastly been putting all the pieces, including governments, in place.  I am rejoicing and more than humbled to be allowed to be a part of this.  So many people have faithfully prayed over the years for the Village to be built.  Wow!!!  I have found myself praying the words that King David wrote in Psalm 8 throughout the day:

“When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers,
 The moon and the stars, which you have ordained,
 What is man that You are mindful of him,
 And the son of man that You visit him?”
Love and blessings to all of you, Nita
Please be praying for God’s Hidden Treasures, as we are working with the Mayor’s, Pastors, Orphanage Directors  putting the final plan together to give to Nikolai the President’s adviser.  For the next few weeks there will be lots of meetings, and much to do, but it is all very exciting to see what God is doing.  Thank you for your prayers!

Celebrating the 5th of July

No, that is not a typo.  The 5th of July, 2017 marks the three year anniversary of the liberation of the city Kramatorsk, in Eastern Ukraine, from Russian backed separatists.  This weekend, I took a trip with Bruce and Donna Culver, and my wife Lena,  to the city of Kramatorsk to view a possible manufacturing plant for wheelchairs in Ukraine.


A memorial to the soldiers of the war

We were taken on a tour of Sloviansk and Kramatrosk. We saw a hospital, school and kindergarten that were all bombed by the Separatist forces.  There were so many homes that were completely left in ruins.  It was a strong reminder, the seriousness of the current conflict that is still ongoing in the East of Ukraine.  While it might not be reported on in the USA, fighting is still happening daily.  Please continue to pray for Ukraine, that God would bring peace, and reunite this country.

Below are some of the photos of the possible site for wheelchair manufacturing that I took on our tour with Bruce and Donna Culver.  Bruce and Donna are long time friends of Nita Hanson from Southern California.  Nita worked for Bruce before coming to be a missionary in Ukraine.


The Manufacturing Plant

Please be praying for wisdom for God’s Hidden Treasures on how to pursue this dream to produce children’s wheelchairs here in Ukraine.  This last week, Dr. Phil Gassman a professor from Iowa State University visited us in Ukraine.  He is helping us partner with graduate students in the engineering department at ISU to develop a design for a wheelchair to help with the poor conditions of roads and the lack of handicap accessibility here in Ukraine.


On the trip, we visited with Vallodia, our partner in the East, who went through our wheelchair seminar and is in charge of distributing wheelchairs to the East of Ukraine.  Through us, they received a shipment through God’s Hidden Treasures from Joni and Friends.


Of those nearly 200 wheelchairs that we sent, here are the only two remaining.  Two smaller chairs that they haven’t found anyone to give to yet.  The need for wheelchairs in Eastern Ukraine is very great, and it is on top of the hundreds of wheelchairs we give out in Bila Tserkva.  Please pray that God would continue to provide wheelchairs for God’s Hidden Treasures.  If you want to support God’s Hidden Treasures, visit our website or contact me

God bless,

Pastor Scott